collage photos of 3 old truck movers and B-doubles
Old photos of loaded B doubles travelling in the filed of glass with blue skies
Robert Cavanagh first entered the livestock transportation industry in 1985 driving for Stockmaster, owned by Jim and Helen Savage in Tamworth.
Robert bought his own truck. Operating as Cavanaghs Transport, he continued completing subcontractor work for Jim and Helen, as well as work around his hometown region of Casino.
Front face of cavanaghs old prime movers in white and red color
B doubles with blue body
The Cavanaghs Transport operation moved to Inverell, NSW.
June 2016
Cavanaghs Transport bought a second truck to keep up with growing demands.
2 B-Doubles parked on a sand with trees on at the back
B doubles on the green fields with mountains in the background and blue skies
Cavanaghs Transport now had eight trucks servicing the vast North-West NSW area and Queensland, hauling cattle into the Bindaree abattoir.
June 2016
The opportunity to buy Stockmaster came up and Robert did not hesitate in taking the plunge for this new business prospect. Sharing values, ethics and having worked alongside each other before, the deal was closed in October 2010 and the businesses worked as separate entities from the same office.
Font view of 6 B doubles in white and red colors parked on the green grass with blue and white skies
Front view of Kenworth prime movers
After operating as separate entities for eleven years, Cavanaghs Transport and Stockmaster merged to become Cavanaghs Stockmaster. As a result, Cavanaghs Stockmaster still retains the same family values, however we are now streamlined to ensure the highest levels of productivity are attained throughout all our activities.

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